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Czech Vacuum s.r.o. was established in 2021 on the basis of many years of experience in the field of vacuum technology and the application of thin films. We cooperate with our long-term foreign partners so as to offer you the best possible solution for your projects. We are expanding our offer of standard vacuum elements, such as manipulators, magnetic rotary feedthroughs, valves and other accessories for vacuum chambers. We also offer sales of standardized vacuum elements such as flanges, adapters, sealing elements, valves and vacuum pumps.


We offer consultations in the field of vacuum technology and in the application of thin films. We will help you find the best solution for your project or for your application. 


IJD Technologie

Furthermore, the company Czech Vacuum s.r.o. operates as the official distributor of IJD – Ion Jet Deposition, a new technology for the application of thin films, in the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe. This new technology for the application of thin layers developed by the European company Noivion Srl. offers new possibilities in the field of thin films. This method has been working laboratories for many years, and now Czech Vacuum is working on first industrial deposition systems so that this new technology can be applied in production.

Services We Offer

Sale of our standardized vacuum components

Delivery – Sales of most of the vacuum components on the market (Flanges, metal bellows, pumps, etc.)

Comprehensive services in the field of thin-film technology - IJD technology

Conceptual design of components, devices or systems according to your requirements

Elaboration of a complete production documentation

Preparation of presentation materials (e.g. renderings of 3D models)

Manufacturing (in collaboration with Czech and Italian companies)

Quality control of the devices

Design and implementation of other (non-mechanical) system components e.g. Control by own software

Our Projects


Semi-automatic stand for
dismantling hand grenades

Testing bone holder

Target holder and
Heated sample holder

Heated sample holder

Melting furnace for artillery shells

Cylindrical deposition chamber

IJD deposition system

IJD deposition source


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