K1A IJD Source



The K1A is the new state of the art IJD Source. This new model design has been dramatically improved over the K1. CF40 mounting flange, direct gas feed, 90 deg target-source geometry make the K1A probably the most compact and advanced pulsed electron deposition solution on the market.

The K1A source is the new improved IJD solution, includes a compact IJD head at 90° orientation, an ESD unit and a 500W/25kV HV Power Control Module. Requires one CF40 and one CF63 ports in order to be installed or two CF63. Other configurations are available on request to match existing vacuum chamber sizes and geometries. The power and control unit includes a touch screen with user friendly interface. Acceleration voltage and repetition frequency are tunable.

  • the CF40 mount flange make this the most compact pulsed electron deposition source on the market
  • direct source gas feed
  • improved pressure working range
  • 90 deg target-source geometry allows deposition in-line and on large objects
  • embedded pulse frequency control
  • better plasma protection for reduced maintenance intervals
  • improved head design for faster maintenance/cleaning

For information about IJD technology and working principle see the TECHNOLOGY section.





Terminal electrode: stainless steel

Triggering: glow discharge

Mounting: DN40CF or CN63CF

Orientation: 90° source axis vs target axis

Port-aligner for head position fine tuning:

Gas supply: direct

Chamber operating pressure: 5×10-4 – 1.4×10-3 mbar (in O2)

Repetition rate: adjustable (*)

Nominal acceleration voltage: up to 25 kV

Working gas: O2, N2, Ar

Bakeable: up to 200°C


ESD (Energy storage and delivery unit)

Is mounted on the vaacum chamber and connected internally to the source. Stores the energy that is delivered to the source during each discharge. Can be shared between multiple sources.

Mounting: DN63CF

Orientation: any

Stored Energy: up to 13J


PCM (Power and Control Module)

Includes the high voltage ESD charging and Source triggering electronics and the user and auxiliary interfaces.

Nominal output voltage: max 25 kV

Average charging rate: 500 J/s (higher on request)

Adjustable pulse frequency: 5 – 100 Hz (*)

Input power supply: 220 VAC 10A

User interface: 7” touch panel

External PC/PLC interface: optional on request

Rated AC power: 1 kW

Dimension: 6U rack mountable or bench top

* The maximum frequency actually reachable depends by system energy parameters: stored energy, acceleration voltage, HVDC power supply charging rate. For example: a 500J/s power supply can sustain max 35Hz repetition rate at 20kV and 8 J/pulse

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