In 2014 was Czech Vacuum separated from Design Zone 6 and started to concentrate to the vacuum products. In the same year started our development of standard vacuum components – manipulators, rotary feedthroughs, valves and other products. You can find them in our product section. Also Czech Vacuum providing design and production of custom vacuum systems and components for our clients. In 2017 Czech Vacuum become distributor of IJD technology (Ion Jet Deposition) – technology for thin layer deposition. More information about that new and progress deposition technology you can find in our product section.


What services can We offer to our clients: 


  • Selling of our standard vacuum parts
  • Selling of vacuum standard parts (flanges, bellows etc.)
  • Complex services in Thin layers deposition  - IJD Technology
  • Design and (or) production of system or components by client requests
  • Complete documentation for final production
  • Study and Pre-production presentation materials (like 3D render images)
  • Vacuum systems and componnents tests
  • Design and (or) realization of controlling for the systems and components





  • First IJD system in Czech Republic installed on FJFI
  • Design of special target holder and sample holder for Rizzoli
  • Special linear manipulator for Linear particle accelerator
  • Design of custom vacuum systems and chambers



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